Family Ministries

It wasn't long after the birth of our first child that Danita and I began to notice that something was missing in our relationship. We were away on vacation in Myrtle Beach when it became apparent that we needed to talk. We had been so busy trying to learn the art of parenting that we had not been spending the time to keep our marriage on solid footing. We had begun to slide down the slippery slope rapidly gaining speed, but thanks to God we were able to make a few minor adjustments that have helped us maintain better footing. This page is designed to share some of those things with you in the hopes that your marriage will be blessed. This is a "work in progress." You will want to check back often. We will be updating the date ideas, as well as providing other helpful resources as we come by them.

One of the first "adjustments" we made was to schedule regular date nights. We try to get away once a month - just us. We have found it helpful to alternate who is responsible for planning the event. Danita plans the date on the even months. On the odd months I plan the date. I am responsible to plan what we are doing for an activity, where we are going to eat, childcare, etc. Danita will tell you the reason is because I am "odd." That could be. My standard come back is, "I may be odd, but you are EVEN odder."


We went on our first date toward the end of December. The weather in March and December are similar in Northeast Ohio. Every year we try to "re-live" our first date. I buy the same number of roses. We try to eat at the same restaurant, do the same things, have the same dessert afterwards. Why don't you plan a date "re-living" of your first date. You may not be able to go to the exact place because of proximity, and you may not be able to do the exact thing you did on your first date, but you could at least get close enough to make it a memorable evening. While you're at it, why don't you talk about what caused you to fall in love with each other.